high cost of fuel

had to rent a car
inordinate amount spent -
and that's just on fuel

derived from:
The Rental Car Rant, Now with Higher Gas Prices



haiku-shelf said...

come to Europe...
afterwards you`ll think that your fuel isn`t expensive at all...

I have a driver`s license but since more than eighteen years I have no car (and I don`t want a car)...

but I`m lucky, I have feet!

sometimes I`m passenger in my husband`s car (but not often), sometimes I use a train, a plane...but it`s too expensive to do this often (and to go by plane, to go by car ruins the climate...)

even many young people here have no car, a flat and a car are too expensive...and they are always afraid that they will have no job in the future

scatterhaiku said...

it's cool that you don't have a car. i read somewhere that many young persons in japan no longer factor the cost of a car in their future spending plans, preferring to rely on mass transit.

over here in asia, fuel price increases are making a significant dent on people's incomes. unfortunately, the public transport infrastructure in my country is rather weak, and coupled with fears of crime, those who can afford to purchase a vehicle, usually do.

biking is difficult, not only because of the long distances, but because of the aforementioned crime, as well as heavy pollution.

as for me, i still try to walk when i can. :) am hoping to eventually get a bike for short trips. and maybe in the future, i'll get myself a really small car. :) (no hybrids here yet, except for one prius i once came across)

Dave said...

From Beer haiku Daily:


I can’t afford to
buy both gas and beer. So I
have to stop driving.

scatterhaiku said...

since i no longer
drive, have more time on my hands
so i drink more beer

thanks for the comment, dave. :)