10 credit card haikus, complete


first job, first paycheck
card application approved -
let the good times roll


stopping by the mall
can fin'lly get that new phone -
heady with new wealth


front of the counter
slice of plastic being swiped -
a rite of passage


needing comfort food
no cash, but i have plastic -
maybe just this once


card credit maxed out
needing to go out tonight -
need another card


marrying today
kept my box of cards secret -
something borrowed, blue


he keeps on calling
won't take no for an answer
demanding i pay


didn't learn a thing about
compound interest


these debts overwhelm
online, i seek a way out
i am not alone


final payment made
twenty years in the making
finally i'm free



Mzansi Madame said...

Yeah! im not alone. This is really good and captures the short but desolate conversations in ones mind about their credit plight.

scatterhaiku said...

@mzansi: thanks for the comment. :) good phrase that, 'desolate conversations.'